We provide the following additional services:

Pre-examination checks

We offer a pre-exam practical check to ensure that you have the necessary skills to pass your practical and oral exams. We evaluate your practical abilities according to a pre-defined list and give you feed back as to where you are strong, weak or unskilled.

We provide the following SAMSA requirement endorsements:

Surf Launching Endorsement

The standard national certificate is only intended to cover vessels operating from a port, fishing harbour or protected launch site and certainly does not certify that the holder is competent to tackle the high energy surf experienced on the south and eastern coastlines of South Africa.

The purpose of this endorsement is to indicate which skippers have demonstrated their proficiency in this particular and necessary skill.

There is a huge difference in the skill required to launch a personal water craft (Jet Ski) through the surf, compared to a 9 metre semi rigid vessel. For this reason, it is imperative that the endorsement be carefully worded when issued, to reflect the type of experience the candidate has with regards to surf launching.

For qualification, you must provide a letter from a qualified surf launch skipper, stating that you have completed 12 surf launches on 4 different days in differing surf conditions.  This skipper must also supply a motivation to indicate his opinion of your competence as a surf launch candidate (This skipper must have a surf launch endorsement on their skippers licence)

During your practical exam you are required to demonstrate to the examiner that you are competent to launch through the surf. This practical demonstration will need to be completed on the size vessel that you would like reflected on your licence.

Commercial Dive Boat Skipper

This is a specific and additional endorsement that can be added separately to any national certificates.

All skippers operating a commercial diving or dive charter vessel are required to have this endorsement added to their Small Vessel Certificate of Competence before SAMSA considers the vessel to be properly and safely manned.

Candidates or skippers who hold a dive leadership qualification may have the endorsement added to their skipper certification by the Registrar of Seafarers without undergoing any examination.

If a candidate doesn’t have a diving leadership qualification, he or she has to complete an exam for the dive boat skipper endorsement. To be eligible for the exam he or she has to provide proof of one of the following:

  • Open Water Diver qualification with any recognised agency
  • Proof of skippering a dive vessel engaged in diving for at least 10 hours